Mini Apparatus

We are pleased to offer a full set of scaled down versions of the most popular gymnastics apparatus. We developed the range in-house to ensure the best quality, strength and functionally for our range of Mini Asymmetric Bars, Mini High Bar, Mini Ring Frame and Mini Parallel Bars.

Each item can be used individually or teamed up with other stations, we offer a set of four which includes all four pieces along with a central square to join everything together to make a great station for recreational gymnastics or conditioning for younger gymnasts.

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  1. Parallettes - Metal
    Parallettes - Metal

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  2. Mini High Bar
    Mini High Bar
  3. Mini Asymmetric Bars
    Mini Asymmetric Bars
  4. Mini Parallel Bars
    Mini Parallel Bars
  5. Mini Ring Frame
    Mini Ring Frame
  6. Mini Apparatus Bar Package
    Mini Apparatus Bar Package
  7. Mini Apparatus Four Package
    Mini Apparatus Four Package
  8. Mini Ring Set
    Mini Ring Set
  9. Mini Trapeze Bar
    Mini Trapeze Bar
  10. Floor Bar
    Floor Bar
  11. Mini Parallel Bars - Set of 3
    Mini Parallel Bars - Set of 3
    Special Price £550.00 Regular Price £695.00
  12. Foam Springboard
    Foam Springboard
  13. Booster Blocks
    Booster Blocks

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  14. Jr. Foam Vaulting Horse
    Jr. Foam Vaulting Horse
  15. Jr. Springboard
    Jr. Springboard
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20 Items

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Set Descending Direction

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