Soft Play Equipment

Soft play and recreational gymnastics is a key area for most clubs, it’s a great way of introducing young children to gymnastics and is a perfect way to start introducing the core skills they are going to need to become gymnasts in the future.

Our soft play is designed to be used as a full set and includes exciting shapes like waves, wedges and steps. Each item can be joined together to make new combinations to challenge younger gymnasts.

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  1. Soft Play Package
    Soft Play Package
  2. Wedge (Soft Play Equipment)
    Wedge (Soft Play Equipment)
  3. Waves (Set of Two)
    Waves (Set of Two)
  4. Three Steps
    Three Steps
  5. Folding Panel Mats - Rainbow
    Folding Panel Mats - Rainbow

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  6. Foam Springboard
    Foam Springboard
  7. Jr. Foam Vaulting Horse
    Jr. Foam Vaulting Horse
  8. Four Section Foam Vault
    Four Section Foam Vault
  9. Folding Foam Beam 2.5m
    Folding Foam Beam 2.5m
  10. Booster Blocks
    Booster Blocks

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  11. Baby Top Tumbler
    Baby Top Tumbler
  12. Top Tumbler
    Top Tumbler

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  13. School Mat
    School Mat

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  14. Folding Wedge
    Folding Wedge

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  15. Triple Stack Block
    Triple Stack Block
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