Tracks 2000 Sprung Floor Guarantee

With over 20 years of experience designing and producing gymnastics equipment we are particularly proud of our sprung flooring system and are happy to extend an industry leading product guarantee.

 We use the best materials available from across the world to provide top quality sprung floors for Gymnastics, Cheerleading and Freestyle Gymnastics. We use our knowledge and experience of each discipline to produce floors that are best suited to stand the test of time.


What we offer
As gyms come in all shapes and sizes, we are happy to provide our sprung floors in any shape and size required. Our floors use a modular design meaning they can be rearranged or added to as your club grows or moves location.
Sprung Deck - This covers the metal springs, wooden boards, aluminium connections and hook and loop fastening tape.
Fast Foam - This is the layer of foam we use between the wooden deck and the top roll mats. The fast foam offers a slightly softer bounce which is preferred by gymnasts. Our fast foam is 25mm thick.
Roll Mats – We use a carpet topped roll mat on all our floors, these are flexible and hardwearing making them perfect for use in busy gyms with heavy footfall. We offer the roll mats in a range of six colours, we stock standard lengths of 12.8m but custom lengths can be ordered for bigger/smaller areas.
Our Guarantee
Deck – Our sprung decks are extremely hard wearing which is why we are happy to extend a 5 Year Warranty on all components. This includes any breakages during normal use to the wooden boards, springs, caps and all connections.
Each section is easy to remove and replace so any damage can be sorted in just a few hours no matter where on the floor it may be.
Fast Foam – Being the middle layer there are very few things that could go wrong with this layer, our fast foam is also covered by our 5 Year Warranty. Should you see any issues with the fast foam layer, the section will be replaced like for like free of charge.
Roll Mats –  We offer both flex and non-flex roll mats. We recommend non-flex roll mats for any floors intending to stay down permanently. The manufacturers warranty on any roll mat is 3 Years.
To apply for our full warranty all below conditions must be adhered to:
  • Floors must be fitted by Tracks 2000 staff.
  • Warranty will start on the installation date, this is usually the same date you will receive the full VAT invoice.
  • The floor must not be moved or reset by anyone other than Tracks 2000.
  • Floors damaged when being used in any other circumstance than the intended use will not be covered.
Tracks 2000 reserve the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time.



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